ISO Fluid Tank Container

FRAME DIMENSIONS (20’ EQUIVALENT) (mm): Length: 6,058 Width: 2,438 Height: 2,591 WEIGHT, PRESSURE & TEMPERATURE: Maximum Gross Weight(kg): 36,000 Tare Weight(kg): 3,710 Payload(kg): 32,290 Maximum

FRAME DIMENSIONS (20’ EQUIVALENT) (mm): Length: 6,058
Width: 2,438
Height: 2,591
WEIGHT, PRESSURE & TEMPERATURE: Maximum Gross Weight(kg): 36,000 
Tare Weight(kg): 3,710
Payload(kg): 32,290 Maximum Allowable Working Pressure: 4.00 bar Design Temperature (frame & tank): -40°C to +130°C
AVAILABLE ISO TANKS T11 TYPES 20ft       21,000 litre 20ft       25,000 litre 20ft       26,000 litre

NOTE: The dimensions and door openings of all containers correspond to ISO standards. However, due to production tolerances, a difference in measurement is possible. 

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